Caroline has been recommended to me by a close friend in a moment where I was going through difficult times at work with serious impacts on my personal life.

Indeed I’ve now reached a climax: a burn out after being exhausted by too much work and moral harassment.

Being usually an open and expressive person, I’ve started to be uncommunicative; remaining silent with my husband or being upset at my daughters and feeling guilty about that. I was aware of it but I was feeling stuck and couldn’t help with it. Caroline gave me my confidence back, and by rephrasing my thoughts, she showed me that I am a strong person, “just” carrying a burden that I can leave at any time as soon as I decide to. She reminded me that I’m the only person who can define myself and those exterior events and toxic people cannot dictate who I am. 

Being coached helped me to focus on my priorities, my well-being, and my family. This led to great decisions in my life, I’m currently still applying them; I know that the work hasn’t been completely done yet, but I keep on working on myself and I finally live according to my own values by listening to my inner voice and getting back to yoga, meditation, running, reading… that helps me having a balanced existence and get my motivation back.

Thanks, Caroline, for showing me the light in my life.



Learn-Will here would like to say a big thanks to the students for being such great students and behaving really well and working so well together with each other; and thanks to the parents for supporting your kids to join the program to gain some crucial practical experience and also, to our instructor/coach Caroline, for planning the program and proving supports and help to the students in every way! Special thanks to Voestalpine Böhler Welding China for support this project! We can see everyone’s effort during the 5-day program, it was one of the nicest memories we can have during this very hot summer holiday…


I had the absolute pleasure of being coached by Caroline. She is a very engaging and supportive person with great listening skills. During our sessions, I felt understood and listened to which gave me the trust to fully open myself. Caroline was particularly good at helping me see through and she challenged me to find my own answers.
She is an outstanding coach, and I could not recommend her more highly.


Caroline, Thanks for your work and sharing today. But both France Alumni and our Alumni think it is a great webinar, for your excellent presentation, answering and interaction with audience.