Sparkle Coaching is focusing on 3 niches:

Startups and Entrepreneurs
Students and Talents
Leaders and Managers

What business sectors are Sparkle's clients from?

Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Paint, Recruitment, Transportation, Change Management, Coaching – Consulting - Training, Education, Tourism, HVAC & Indoor Wellbeing, Textile, Tobacco, Waste Management, Journalism, Packaging, Sports.

What coaching topics?

Information about Leadership Coaching

For companies 

(source 2021 Sounding Board, Inc.)

  1. Why do organizations invest in Leadership Coaching?
  • nearly 80% want to improve leadership skills for specific individuals, 
  • 69% want to develop leadership bench strength,
  • 51% want to increase employee engagement,
  • 49% want to retain key talent.


2. 54% of companies that are classified as ‘high- performing’ have a strong coaching culture. This figure drops to only 29% among organisations without one. 


3. 86% of companies rate their ROI favorably for their investment in coaching, stating that the investment at least paid for itself. 

For Individuals 

  1. Individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86% when training is combined with coaching, compared to just 22% with training alone. 

      (Source: The Personnel Management Association, internal report)


2.   Over 70% of individuals who receive coaching benefited from improved work performance, relationships and more effective communication skills. (Source: Institute of Coaching)

3.   87% say it helps them overcome challenges and it helps them move forward with their careers. (2021 RiseSmart Randstad Survey)