Hello, I'm Caroline.

I feel that the first step to a great coaching relationship is for you to know what I believe in, my approach to coaching, and my motivations. 

But first, a little bit about me. For the past 10 years, my husband and I have lived as expats around the world. He is English, I am French and our daughter was born in the Middle East making us quite an international family. And let’s not forget the final members, our 2 adopted cats. 

Because of the pandemic, we have not been able to travel for the past 3 years as China has very strict rules for travellers but we make the best of this situation by traveling inside the borders, exploring new cities, rural areas, and cultures that span across China. We simply love being here.

About my hobbies, I am a book addict and as I am also a very competitive person, I spend a lot of time doing sport, especially kickboxing/boxing. If I could, I would be sailing again as I did for so many years but my days are already too busy. 

Below are some of the frequently asked questions clients ask before our sessions.

What kind of topics do people contact you about?

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I am coaching a wide range of work-related topics. For instance:

  • People who want to improve, adjust or change work relationships with their boss, colleagues or teams;
  • People who want to change their work environment;
  • People who want to prepare for a promotion, succession or retirement;
  • People who want to improve skills (communication, negotiation, etc)
  • Expatriates or future expatriates who want to get a better life
  • People who are discriminated against and don’t know how to react;

What are the most important values you demonstrate as a coach?

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Integrity would probably be the 1st thing that comes to my mind. It implies so many positive values amongst which trust and honesty. I am very proud of being able to support my clients and I could not be as effective without being true to myself. Being a good coach means knowing your strengths as much as your weaknesses in order to work on them to be able to upgrade to the best version of yourself each time you coach.

What is your greatest strength? 

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I think that as a coach, I have to be flexible. We are “dancing” with our clients, accompanying them, letting them lead, trying to make them see what’s behind the moves so they can predict and execute the next ones faster and better. 

As a person, my greatest strength would be my imagination. I have always liked creating and inventing stories and I can apply this ability to think differently during a coaching conversation, especially as we tend to use metaphors.

How do you establish a successful relationship? 

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Before even talking about coaching, I always have a “chemistry call” with my clients. This call is not only necessary to explain what a session is about but also and mainly to let my clients feel who I am and if I am the coach they are looking for. 

Once the coaching program has started, I do regular check-ins and ask for feedback to ensure my clients feel safe and valued and to see if our sessions are helping them in moving forward. Successful coaching is a true partnership. My clients sometimes express personal and difficult stories never shared outside our safe “coaching bubble” so I am extremely attentive and careful to keep that space confidential and supportive.

What motivates you to be a coach?

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Coaching is a kind of short therapy that is supported by science. If you decide to try it and you are willing to be true and open-minded, it will give quick and concrete results. It’s a real motivation to see the positive impact even only one coaching session can cause in one’s life. There is always something to take away during a session and it can help to change whatever needs to be changed. It is really nice to see this switch happening in my clients’ mindsets when they suddenly realise something they were unaware of at the beginning of our conversations.

What are a coach's best assets?

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A coach is like a mirror to a client. The best asset I have is my ability to reflect someone's attitude, behavior, feeling, thinking, and doing through my coach’s lenses. It is the way I can help people see themselves without all these filters we are using every day to go through life, not knowing we are using them

What kind of company do you coach?

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I would say that I coach individuals rather than companies. The people I have coached belong to SME’s as well as global companies. So far, I have coached people in 15 countries, in both French and English.